Operation Never Forgotten…

Brings Together Our Civilian and Military Worlds:

Remembers Our Fallen… Empowers Our Wounded…
Thanks Our Troops… Campaigns for Suicide Prevention.



A Never Forgotten Mission

Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) is a national nonpartisan, all volunteer non-profit organization. Its mission is to rebuild the lives of those veterans and military families who have sacrificed so greatly for our freedoms, and to bridge the civilian and military worlds through awareness campaigns.

When it becomes more difficult to come home than to go to war, ONF along with veteran mentors, bring unwavering support to Post-9/11 warriors with traumatic combat injures, both physical and invisible.


Welcome to ONF Programs and Awareness Campaigns!

ONF welcomes injured veterans, caregivers and family member to FREE “A-Head of Healing” post-traumatic stress workshops, and “Sports, Afield & Stream (S.A.S.)” outdoor retreats.

ONF awareness campaigns are created through billboards, airport signs, TV and other media. They  display appreciation and help bridge the military civilian gap. These public service announcements (PSAs) are created for deployed troops, injured warriors, gold star families of fallen heroes and suicide prevention awareness.

As more service members reintegrate back into our American society, your support is needed for ONF healing programs and awareness campaigns!  Help ONF break the stigma associated with invisible wounds so that veterans will ask for help and rehabilitate. Help save the lives of those who have protected ours!


Donating to ONF is a Simple Choice:

–  ONF has been a tax-deductible, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization achieving its mission for over 10 years.
–  ONF has no paid administration or staff allowing donations to directly benefit veterans and families.

Donate with any credit card… A registered PayPal account is not necessary!

SLIDESHOW: A sister holding dog tags at her brother’s cemetery was photographed and donated by Gold Star Mother, Gwen Olsen; A handful of outdoor billboards from hundreds created by ONF.
OTHER PHOTOS: Cattle ranch vacation winner Ken Wilson with wife Michelle/veteran caregiver – Trip donated by Wiley Ranch and photo by Mary Peters; Marines paying tribute to their fallen brother.
Images, videos and audios are created by and for ONF only and are neither for sale nor allowed to be copied without contacting ONF for terms and agreement.