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The Meaning and Commitment Behind Volunteering

sacrifices3What does it take to volunteer? You don’t volunteer just because you have extra time on-hand… Committed volunteers are already busy people and make the time. You don’t volunteer because you can afford to. It is the heart that makes you rich. You are rich according to what you are, not according what you have. You might need to sacrifice not going out with friends, getting your house cleaned, getting a good night sleep, or watching TV this week because you’ve realized helping those who sacrificed so much more takes priority. The sacrifices made by volunteering are not nearly enough for our men and women who have put their lives on the line, been away from loved ones, or came home with war injuries after defending our country.

Giving back by volunteering can be fun and rewarding with Operation Never Forgotten (ONF). You canVol3 help veterans and their families take steps towards rebuilding their lives.  There’s no greater personal gratification than by volunteering through programs that have helped saves marriages, prevented suicides, and have given gold star families great satisfaction of seeing their loved ones in the public-eye, never forgotten.

Whether you volunteer at warrior events, PUT ON A FUNDRAISER, work on campaigns or help with ONF administration, you will help spread the hope for veterans and military families.

VP John Kinzinger between warrior guests.



CollectingMoney– Online research.PHOTOSwanted
– Phone calls.
– Data entry and clerical.
– Creative brainstorming.
– Retreat and workshop planning.
– Assist at retreats and workshops.
– Billboard campaign projects.
– Collect tickets or money at events.
– Coordinate Gold Star Family requests.
– Suicide Prevention Program Projects.
– Donate professional service: Graphic design, photography, videography, editing, copywriting, media buying, event planning, grant writing, marketing, public speaking, entertaining, therapy, social work, outfitting/guiding, teaching or more.
– Recruit volunteers and professional services.
– Anything else you have to offer? SIGN UP!

ABOVE: Katie Chrzanowski volunteering at the Bozeman Freedom Sound Off.



Help Make a Difference and Volunteer Now!

SignUpButtonNo matter where you live and how much time you can devote, if youVol2 have a phone and computer, you can volunteer for ONF. Use your passion, strengths or talents to tell us what you are most interested in doing.




Comedian Mark Sweeney at the S.A.S. rodeo.


A Homefront Mission… Veteran Mentorship!

If you wish to help veterans suffering from direct or indirect effects of Post-9/11 combat stress, apply to be an ONF Veteran Mentor. If you haveApplyNowButton been through successful treatment or recovery for physical or invisible wounds, get involved!  Veteran mentors are critically important to all ONF warrior programs. It truly takes a veteran to help another veteran!

For more information contact:
John@operationnf.org / 734-645-8647
Mike@operationnf.org / 320-250-8626



SLIDESHOW: Minneapolis homecoming; Big Sky volunteers with S.A.S. warrior guest, Branden; Rockin’ the Rivers Freedom Sound Off judge and singing contestant; Volunteer Katie Chrzanowski running a raffle booth; Patty Clements and Natasha Richter (mother and daughter) sound company, Sweet T.E.A. Music.
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