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Using Technology to Connect Our Military and Civilian Worlds

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Digital billboards are a great media tool for Operation Never Forgotten’s (ONF) awareness campaigns. They are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that have taken outdoor DigitalSM3and indoor signage to a new level. More and more digital billboards are commonly seen today flipping messages on highways, major arteries and streets of larger cities. They are extremely flexible, hugely displayed, graphically powerful with bright colors, fast to put up, easily produced, and have no traditional printing expense.

Billboard graphics are created by ONF and simply email distributed to outdoor advertising companies to run as public service announcements (PSAs). ONF billboard messages can go up at a moment’s notice when news comes in about service member homecomings or for last minute gold star family requests. ONF also provides awareness messages for during holidays and special events.

DigitalSM1Photographs for digital billboards can be provided by any digital camera. Resolution requirements are much lower than what are needed for traditional printed billboards. Digital billboards also have video movement capability and even real time from a website or social media that can stream live data to a digital billboard! Most digital billboards today flip still images every 8 to 10 seconds sharing displays with other customers.



See the ONF Billboard Gallery

Click on any of the billboard gallery categories (to the right) to see what has been created for ONF awareness campaigns: Deployed troops, fallen heroes, injured warriors and suicide prevention.

Many thanks go to all the outdoor/airport advertising companies! These SUPPORTERS have continue to run ONF’s awareness campaigns!


Images, videos and audios are created by and for ONF only and are neither for sale nor allowed to be copied without contacting ONF for terms and agreement.