Put On a Fundraiser

Start With Your Passion and an Idea!

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FundraisePassion2If you have passion for our men and women who served and sacrificed for our country, give back with your time. Volunteer with a nonprofit organization that doesn’t eat your fundraising dollars with administration salaries. See ONF FINANCIALS. ONF can also help support your project with promotional graphics.

Your FUNdraiser for ONF can be fun!  You can have a big event with committees or put on a small fundraiser by yourself. You can work with church groups, restaurants, corporations, youth groups, musicians, other performers and veterans organizations to help reach your fundraising goals.  You’ll find that many corporations already have fundraising programs set up to use. Simply follow their protocol.

Your fundraiser can be anything from banquets with auctions, to competitions, or goods for sale. Brainstorm with your friends and let your imagination go! Be creative! You can give your event a military theme for example runners/walkers can compete wearing combat boots, or karaoke singers can sing patriotic songs. Here are more ideas ideas:



Register and Go!

  • Finalize on your idea for what, where and when… And name your event.
  • Know and follow local event requirements, insurance and regulations (if applicable).
  • Recruit volunteers and/or other group support and assign responsibilities.
  • Budget your expenses. ONF will provide PR and creative services for your promotion; however, any promotional printed materials and shipping must be included in your budget as well as any travel or accommodation expenses. Any graphics and use of the ONF logo must meet corporate standards.
  • Create a list of sponsors and/or supporters.
  • Plan a realistic timeline, and get started early!


To Reach Your Fundraising Goal!

  • Start your committee meetings (if applicable).BootMoney
  • Recruit sponsors, supporters, participants and/or attendees.
  • Plan and reserve facilities, food and/or travel if needed.
  • Get donated prizes or gifts.
  • Receive ONF logo, press releases, social media, and/or pre-approved printed materials.
  • Start promoting and/or selling.
  • Take photos at your fundraiser for ONF to post on the website and Facebook.
  • Send out thank you notes (cards provided by ONF).
  • Keep your contacts for future projects.


ONF Fundraising History

From banquets and biker club poker runs… to singing contests and restaurant promotions… see some of ONF’s current and past PUBLIC BENEFITS.


SLIDESHOW AND OTHER PHOTOS:  Freedom Sound Off at Rockin’ Rivers; S.A.S. at Bozeman rodeo with singer/songwriter Adele Morgan.
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